Munchkin “Snack Catcher”

As I begin the Product Reviews, a recent purchase for my 13 month old daughter pops into my mind.  I had been struggling with a way to give my kiddo snacks during car trips (as this is the only way to keep her happy in her car seat during some trips) and was reminded of these snack catcher containers that many of my Mamma friends gave their kiddos.

I thought this was a brilliant invention and picked myself up two Munchkin Snack Catchers in anticipation of an upcoming road trip.  I envisioned my daughter in her car seat gracefully grasping 1 – 2 organic puffs out of the container and eating peacefully with a smile on her face.  What a silly vision I had with the introduction of these Snack Catchers.

My daughter somehow managed to grabbed up to 10 puffs at a time and of course the ones that could not fit into her mouth proceeded to go flying throughout the back seat.  She then learned how to push the little fingers in and empty the entire the container onto her lap.  Finally she learned that if she pulled the little fingers out with her teeth, that many would come out at once and she could fill her mouth up with puffs.

Needless to say I was disappointed in general at our first go around although I will continue to teach her how to eat snacks properly from a container.  I am optimistic that with practice and determination my daughter will perfect the Snack Catcher.

I have been a fan of Munchkin’s products throughout my daughter’s growth and will continue to seek out their products for helpful solutions as my kiddo’s needs continue to evolve.