Spa Mio’s 12 Days of Christmas Spa Event

I recently stayed at The M Resort in Henderson, Nevada and was looking forward to some spa time at their in house spa, Spa Mio, a Forbes Four Star Spa.  I was delighted to see that I would be visiting the spa on their 6th day of the 12 Days of Christmas Spa Event (what a great idea by the way!) and all services were 30% off that day!

I was past due in getting my nails done so opted for their Spa Mio mani/pedi. The receptionists checking you in were delightful and welcoming.  They even informed me that locals receive 25% off services, what a deal!  The nail area is very private and not overwhelming as one would imagine in a casino spa.  I felt very comfortable and private in their nail area with curtains separating you from the next guest.  What a delight it was to spend time with my manicurist and completely relax while sipping lemon/cucumber water and reading up on the latest gossip.

The Spa Mio mani/pedi utilizes Salt of the Earth salt scrub and OPI polish.  I was excited for a bold holiday color and chose the lush purple color Suzi & the 7 Düsseldorf (just love the names OPI creates!), it made my toes sparkle.

Afterward, my manicurist gave me a tour of the spa as I had inquired what amenities they had if I were to return for a massage or facial.  That was very thoughtful of her, although they were very slow this day so do not imagine there was someone booked right after me as I was a walk in and got right in with no wait time.

I just love their holiday savings and my mani/pedi looks amazing, is lasting quite well, and was very relaxing.

IPAD Mini Launch = New Spa Treatments

Apple’s launch of the IPAD Mini should inspire spas to create new spa therapies geared towards relieving thumb, finger, wrist and hand pain along with tension in eyes, head, and neck. What should we call these services….”Mini Cures” or “MiniRelief”? The ideas are endless.

I just know that the old fashion way of reading a paperback book is much more relaxing.

I would love to hear your treatment ideas to ensure your guests do not lose the ability to maneuver their IPAD…

Capturing Holiday Parties in your Spa

Are you reaching out to local businesses as they plan their holiday parties? Giving the gift of spa for employee’s hard work and celebrating the year’s success are popular ways businesses are saying “thanks” this year. Holiday parties on your books is a great way to maximize revenues this December and end 2012 well.

Maximizing Revenue Capture with the Holiday Guest

Are you capturing your holiday guest?  Are your revenues being maximized this holiday season?

Yielding rates daily, offering value added packages, and targeting that holiday mind set will ensure your business has a successful & profitable holiday season.

My favorite holiday offerings are:

A footbath following a day of holiday shopping, detoxifying wraps the day after indulging in a holiday party, & blissful yoga to clear the mind while reflecting on 2012′s events.

I always love seeing holiday inspired beverages and snacks for guests to enjoy in between services.  Very simple to execute yet creates that personalized touch.

Make your December a success!

Service Standards ~Are they important?

YES!  As an owner and operator of a spa, you might often wonder if service standards are a must for your operation.  What exactly is a Service Standard?  A Service Standard is a procedure put in place and documented to describe in detail how a particular procedure is to be executed.  It should be reviewed and taught to all associates to ensure they fully understand how to execute the particular Service Standard as well how important it is to execute 100% of the time.  Lastly, as the owner or director of the spa operation, it is your responsibility to inspect the consistency of this standard at all times.  Your guests ultimately will be the beneficiaries of all Service Standards put in place so it is imperative you have a comprehensive list of standards implemented within your organization.

A few of my “must haves” in any spa I work with are:

Arrival/Departure Experience, Answering the phone in 3 rings, Greetings, and Guest Name Usage

What are your Service Standards?