Ringing in the New Year with Elements

I decided a massage was a great way to ring in the New Year and decided to see what Elements Therapeutic Massage had to offer in Henderson, Nevada.  I phoned the boutique spa and was greeted with a warm hello.  As it was a holiday, the spa was closing early and was therefore given one option to book.  This was not ideal although I was pleased I was able to secure a booking with less than 24 hours notice.

The reservationist was pleasant yet informal and secured my booking quickly.  I was able to review the profile of my therapist online which was a nice touch and allowed me to mentally become prepared for my massage.

The day of my arrival, the ladies at the desk were very warm and greeted me with big smiles.  I instantly felt at home and my shoulders began to drop and melt away from my ears.  The informal theme however continued in person as well.  I was escorted to the waiting area which was warm, dressed for the holidays and offered a fruit infused water and mixed nuts to snack on prior to my service.

My therapist greeted me, using my name, handshake and a warm smile.  Off we went to the treatment room.  The treatment rooms were warm and nicely decorated, the massage table was warm from the heated blanket, and I was looking forward to getting started.  Even though I arrived early for my treatment, we started 10 minutes late, which was disappointing although did not detract from the relaxation already settled upon me in anticipation of my massage.  The therapist was kind and delivered a nice, relaxing massage.  A few service standards were missed along the way, and voices could be heard from the next room over (possibly the dispensary?).  Overall the massage delivered what I was expecting and that was a relaxing, decompressing, and rejuvenating experience.

Following the massage, I was greeted in the hallway by my therapist with water and a chocolate, and a recommendation for at home therapy to enhance my experience further.  I was pleasantly surprised  at how comfortable the checkout experience was as this was a membership type day spa.  I was expecting a hard sell to sign up for membership and this was not the case at Elements Therapeutic Massage. I absolutely would return for another massage and was pleased with my overall experience, although do hope for a full 55 minutes next time.


Service Standards ~Are they important?

YES!  As an owner and operator of a spa, you might often wonder if service standards are a must for your operation.  What exactly is a Service Standard?  A Service Standard is a procedure put in place and documented to describe in detail how a particular procedure is to be executed.  It should be reviewed and taught to all associates to ensure they fully understand how to execute the particular Service Standard as well how important it is to execute 100% of the time.  Lastly, as the owner or director of the spa operation, it is your responsibility to inspect the consistency of this standard at all times.  Your guests ultimately will be the beneficiaries of all Service Standards put in place so it is imperative you have a comprehensive list of standards implemented within your organization.

A few of my “must haves” in any spa I work with are:

Arrival/Departure Experience, Answering the phone in 3 rings, Greetings, and Guest Name Usage

What are your Service Standards?