Steam Room Down Again?

I have been there, I have experienced this time and again, and I have told myself never again will the steam room be down during operating hours.  Yet, for whatever reason, the steam room goes down on that Saturday mid-morning when you have 185 guests enjoying the spa and of course, they all want to steam…  Sound familiar?  Oh too familiar.

Preventative maintenance is the key!!!  I will say this again, preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring a smooth, operating and dependable steam room (or any piece of equipment for that matter).  If you have on site engineering, connect with them, if you have an offsite vendor who manages your equipment, connect with them.  I strongly recommend a plan of action in how to properly manage, clean, maintain, and repair all of your equipment.

If you compare the steam room to your car, it’s easy.  You give your car an oil change, you wash and vacuum your car, you even have its tires rotated.  All of these action items are to prevent damage to your car long-term.  The same is to be done to the steam room in order to preserve its longevity and to function properly for a minimum of 10-15 years.  Do not wait until the steam room is “down”  on a busy Saturday to call in your engineering team.  Create a preventative maintenance plan today and properly anticipate the functionality of your equipment.  Your guests and most importantly, your lounge attendants will thank you.

Each minute a piece of equipment is not working in your spa, you will experience lost revenue.  Who can afford lost revenue?