Director or Mama

After having my daughter, who is now 13 months old, I went through an identity crisis. I had been a high level executive for a spa in a resort company for almost 10 years. Heels, suits and make up were a daily staple for me along with leading a team of 100 adults in a business setting.

The next thing I knew I was talking baby talk, changing diapers, getting no sleep AND not wearing make up let alone getting in a shower. Who was this woman I had known all these years? I always knew I wanted children and my husband and I were very excited to start our family. Being in my mid thirties when we began our family, I realized I had never defined what and who I would be when I became a Mama. I had been defined as a leader, executive, spa gal, innovator and successful business woman for so many years. How do I now add in Mama to the list?

After months of getting to know my daughter and loving every second of our time together, my husband and I decided it was time for me to properly blend Mama with my career. Going out on my own is exciting, inspiring, scary and full of unknowns although having a balance within my two jobs of Mama and Tao Spa Solutions is a necessity for a mindful and healthy lifestyle.

We will see where this next chapter takes me and I look forward to sharing my experiences along the way.