Kleen Kanteen’s Bring Your Own Steel Reusable Cups

I just received my stainless steel BYOS (Bring your Own Steel) from Kleen Kanteen and love them!  I was searching for an alternative to glass cups for water consumption at home.  Now that we have a toddler running around, glass is not ideal for our household.  I was originally looking at BPA free plastic tumblers although was not truly thrilled with drinking from plastic all the time.  When I came upon Kleen Kanteen’s offerings, I knew their stainless steel tumbler would be a great option for us.  We are already big fans of their products as our toddler just loves their sippy bottle and I have a must bring to yoga water bottle from them I have had for years.

I am thrilled to be supporting their mission of “Go Forth & Refuse Single Use Plastic”