Hydrogenated Oils in Skincare

We have all heard about hydrogenated oils in our food. We know to stay away from eating anything with this man made fat. Did you know that hydrogenated oils can and do exist in many skin care products? YIKES! Make sure you are reviewing the ingredients in your hair care and skin care products thoroughly before applying.

Maximizing Revenue Capture with the Holiday Guest

Are you capturing your holiday guest?  Are your revenues being maximized this holiday season?

Yielding rates daily, offering value added packages, and targeting that holiday mind set will ensure your business has a successful & profitable holiday season.

My favorite holiday offerings are:

A footbath following a day of holiday shopping, detoxifying wraps the day after indulging in a holiday party, & blissful yoga to clear the mind while reflecting on 2012′s events.

I always love seeing holiday inspired beverages and snacks for guests to enjoy in between services.  Very simple to execute yet creates that personalized touch.

Make your December a success!

Director or Mama

After having my daughter, who is now 13 months old, I went through an identity crisis. I had been a high level executive for a spa in a resort company for almost 10 years. Heels, suits and make up were a daily staple for me along with leading a team of 100 adults in a business setting.

The next thing I knew I was talking baby talk, changing diapers, getting no sleep AND not wearing make up let alone getting in a shower. Who was this woman I had known all these years? I always knew I wanted children and my husband and I were very excited to start our family. Being in my mid thirties when we began our family, I realized I had never defined what and who I would be when I became a Mama. I had been defined as a leader, executive, spa gal, innovator and successful business woman for so many years. How do I now add in Mama to the list?

After months of getting to know my daughter and loving every second of our time together, my husband and I decided it was time for me to properly blend Mama with my career. Going out on my own is exciting, inspiring, scary and full of unknowns although having a balance within my two jobs of Mama and Tao Spa Solutions is a necessity for a mindful and healthy lifestyle.

We will see where this next chapter takes me and I look forward to sharing my experiences along the way.

Sleep, Precious Sleep

Ladies and those expecting a little one, I am sure you have been told to value your uninterrupted and peaceful sleep, now, before you have a baby.  I listened, believed what I was told, AND tried to get ample sleep while I was pregnant.  I still cannot believe the level of sleeplessness and lack of sleep I feel on a daily basis.  One physically cannot prepare for the sleep deprivation you will experience during those first several months of motherhood.  My question is, at what point do we feel rested again?

Munchkin “Snack Catcher”

As I begin the Product Reviews, a recent purchase for my 13 month old daughter pops into my mind.  I had been struggling with a way to give my kiddo snacks during car trips (as this is the only way to keep her happy in her car seat during some trips) and was reminded of these snack catcher containers that many of my Mamma friends gave their kiddos.

I thought this was a brilliant invention and picked myself up two Munchkin Snack Catchers in anticipation of an upcoming road trip.  I envisioned my daughter in her car seat gracefully grasping 1 – 2 organic puffs out of the container and eating peacefully with a smile on her face.  What a silly vision I had with the introduction of these Snack Catchers.

My daughter somehow managed to grabbed up to 10 puffs at a time and of course the ones that could not fit into her mouth proceeded to go flying throughout the back seat.  She then learned how to push the little fingers in and empty the entire the container onto her lap.  Finally she learned that if she pulled the little fingers out with her teeth, that many would come out at once and she could fill her mouth up with puffs.


Needless to say I was disappointed in general at our first go around although I will continue to teach her how to eat snacks properly from a container.  I am optimistic that with practice and determination my daughter will perfect the Snack Catcher.

I have been a fan of Munchkin’s products throughout my daughter’s growth and will continue to seek out their products for helpful solutions as my kiddo’s needs continue to evolve.