How to Make Choosing Organic Less Overwhelming

By now, most of us have heard of The Environmental Working Group’s list of The Dirty Dozen or most contaminated foods.  This list of 12 foods that are commonly consumed on a regular basis are the exact foods you should absolutely ensure are organic before bringing them into your home.

The EWG’s list of The Dirty Dozen for 2013 are as follows:

Apples, strawberries, grapes, celery, peaches, spinach, sweet bell peppers, imported nectarines, cucumbers, potatoes, cherry tomatoes and hot peppers

You might be overwhelmed reviewing this list and thinking how will you convert your shopping list to organic for all of these items.  I knew I was when I first began looking into organic about 5 years ago.  One, price is always a concern as organic products tend to be more expensive than non organic products.  Second, if you are like me, I purchase most of these items on a regular basis and then not all grocery stores stock organic items of these 12 products.

To make this less overwhelming and much more manageable for you to embark on this major change to your shopping habits, eating habits and financial spending, I recommend breaking this list down into 12 manageable parts.

First, create your own list of products from The Dirty Dozen that you have in your refrigerator on a regular basis.  For some this may be just a few items and for some this may be the entire list.

Next, take a look at what is currently in season and highlight those items – for example, strawberries, potatoes, and spinach are in season now in most of the warmer regions while peaches will be coming into season soon.

CHOOSE ONE product that you will commit to purchasing only organic from this point forward.  I recommend shopping around to your local grocery stores, health food stores and farmer’s markets to compare pricing and see which retailer will offer the best price for you and your family.  If you are having difficulty choosing, I recommend starting with strawberries, since they are nearing the end of their season and choosing ONLY organic strawberries.  I will continue to share over the next coming weeks when to add another Dirty Dozen food to your organic purchases until you are purchasing only organic for all 12 foods.

If you are still not convinced that buying organic is worth the cost, possibly you can adapt my mantra.  I prefer to pay now than later.  If I spend money now on clean, organic, healthy, nutritious foods, I will not need to pay later at the doctor’s office.  Prevention now is critical to our long-term health.

Some tips:

Visit your local farmers markets regularly to see what is fresh, in season and organic.  This also gives you an opportunity to speak directly to the farmers.

Visit your local health food stores rather than the major grocery store chains for local, organic and many times inexpensive produce

Visit the farms direct if this is an option in your area creating a direct relationship with the farmer.  This takes out the middle man giving you produce that is more fresh and often times less expensive.

Remember this key point: Once you make the choice to buy a particular food organic, never buy non organic again for that product.  The goal is to continue adding organic produce to your list.  Each time you buy organic, you are improving the health of you and your family.


Beauty of Nature

I had the unique opportunity last week to catch the amazing orange moon rise up into the sky from behind the Southern California Santa Ana Mountains. It was a glorious sight I must say. I tried to capture the image on my phone but nothing could do this moment justice.

It gave me the opportunity to step back and appreciate this amazing earth we live in. It has been a full week and I am still in awe of this moment I had with nature. What makes you stop and take a breath?

Ahhh the Benefits of Steam

It is always amazing to me how the world of spa and the world of motherhood crossover on an almost daily basis.  As a spa professional, the benefits of steam are numerous and the majority of spas have steam rooms or steam showers for guests to enjoy.

In a spa setting, relaxing in a steam room and taking deep long inhalations boosts the immune system, clears out impurities in the skin’s pores, loosens congestion, eases sinus pressure and more.

At home when infants and young children are feeling sick, congested, coughing or having difficulty breathing, sitting in the bathroom with the hot water from the shower running to produce a steamy room benefit the children.

Why is it then when we grow up and become young adults do we forget this natural remedy when it is there all along whether in our bathrooms or at our favorite spa? Exposing our children to spa in the teenage years keeps these natural remedies top of mind.  Spa is a way of life, a necessity, not a luxury.